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St. Lucia Travel Guide

Tanner and I had the best time on our honeymoon to St. Lucia last month! We HIGHLY recommend staying at a Sandals resort and booking your vacation through a travel agent. Tanner and I booked our trip with a travel agent and it was such a smooth process because they handled everything for us and made sure we were getting the most out of our money. There are multiple resorts on the island but we ended up staying at the Grande Sandals resort just because it fit what we were looking for the best.

We had a connecting flight through Miami on the way to St. Lucia and on the way back home. We quickly learned to never have a connecting flight ever again unless you want to get stuck in Miami for the night!! Once we got to St. Lucia, we had a lot of extra steps that we had to get through because of COVID. Normally, it would not have taken so long to catch a ride to the resort but for us it took an extra hour and a half. Once we got through all the lines we then proceeded to find our ride to the resort (which Sandals provided for us). We didn't realize how long of a car ride it would be just to get to our resort. It ended up being a 2 hour car ride just to get there and on top of that, the roads were awful. Keep in mind, it is hot, they don't have a speed limit that they have to follow, they drive on the opposite side of the road plus the winding roads. Moral of the story, pack dramamine!! When booking your room at this specific resort, know that there is a difference between an ocean view and a beach view. The ocean view rooms are going to face the back of the island and the beach view is going to face the right side of the resort which is what you want.

WHERE TO EAT: We definitely took advantage of the endless room service that the resort had to offerer while on our honeymoon (oops). One of the many things we loved about staying at Sandals was the different food options that the resort had to offer us and because it was an all inclusive resort. They had plenty of restaurants to choose from which was wonderful for us because we didn't have to worry about making reservations for dinner! Some of our favorite restaurant's were Toscanis and Barefoot by the Sea!

One of our favorite things about our trip was how personable the employees were to us while we were there. They cared so much about us and always wanted to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. Some of our favorite people that we will never forget is the famous pool bartender, Peter. If you ever have a chance to visit this place, make sure you go to the pool bar and ask for a Peter Special. Not many people know about this drink because only Peter knows how to make it (since it's his signature drink) and it's not on the menu. We probably had about four a day, hahaha! Another person who we had the joy of meeting was Johnathan. He took a majority of our photos while on our honeymoon and we just loved being around him all the time!

WHAT TO DO: The Grande resort had plenty of excursions for us to choose from. They had paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, knee boarding and so much more that came with our package deal. We ended up spending a day snorkeling and then I went wakeboarding too! They also have something planned for their guests every night whether that's a live band, dancing, a live fire show, martini night, etc. The one excursion that we paid extra for was the sunset catamaran cruise. We enjoyed every second of this sunset cruise. It was a relaxing evening and we enjoyed seeing more of the island. You can book your excursions at the resort at the front desk so they make it super easy for you!

We spent most of our time at the beach because we are more beach people than pool people. I think because we had our honeymoon during COVID not a lot of people were at the resort since they only could allow so many people into their resort. This worked in our favor because we never had to reserve a seat by the beach. Some days we almost had it to ourselves! We loved that we were able to go get our drinks at the bar or go get lunch and come back to our seats still open.

We decided last minute to pay extra and book a helicopter ride to save the hassle of taking the 2 hour car ride back to the airport. We highly suggest booking a helicopter ride instead of having to take a car to the airport that takes two hours. Plus, it was nice excuse to see the island from above;)

Overall, this trip was a trip of a lifetime and we were so grateful that we were still able to go on our honeymoon under the circumstances that we had. Definitely take into consideration when planning a trip to St. Lucia that you will have two days taken out of your vacation for travel. St. Lucia has so much to offer and the people there make it a trip of a lifetime for you! I hope this helps answer some of the questions that you guys had about our trip!