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Styles that you see in Fall 19'

Every year I try to post a couple of trends that I know we will be seeing a lot of. This year, I am just posting a bunch of pictures of some of the items that you might see instead of talking about each piece. I hope you enjoy this post and as always, I hope you guys have a great week!

This year, I noticed that denim on denim is coming back. Whether that’s jumpsuits or a denim shirt with denim bell-bottoms. I think the denim on denim is a more difficult trend to style because you wouldn’t normally put those two together. You can also expect to see a lot of animal prints of course. Now, leopard print always makes a comeback every season but there are a lot of other prints we will be seeing such as, snake print and plaid. I have seen a lot of snake print booties but also handbags. We will be seeing a lot of the mini handbags, which I honestly think is pointless because all you can fit in those bags is one lipstick, lol. A lot of the 70’s fashion will be coming back, so the prints are going to look more retro. If I could go back in time to any time period, it would have to be the 70’s. You guys know I love my bellbottom pants, haha! Like we saw this summer, the midi skirts will continue into this fall because they are great transition pieces. These are my favorite pieces to just throw on and go. Pairing these skirts with the chunky sweaters will be a perfect combo for when it gets cooler outside. Lastly, for the sweaters this year we will be seeing the bubble sleeve sweaters coming back and also the rainbow sweaters!

Stripe Sweaters - -

Bubble Sweaters/Cardigans - -

Dresses - -

Oversized coats - -

Denim on denim - -

Prints - -

Mini handbags - -

Midi Skirt - -