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12 dorm room must haves

Even though I am a senior in college now, there are still things I wish I knew back when I was a freshman in college. In today's blog post I am going to be giving you a few ideas that you need in your dorm room!

I love a good college DIY. I found that these two DIY's have helped make my room look more put together while looking cute. Having a key holder right by your door helps so that you don't lose them all the time. I know freshman year I just used a command hook but this DIY was just super easy to make and it looks cute in your room.

As a fashion major, I have a lot of sunglasses but not a lot of space to put them, so I made a easy DIY sunglass holder. This was a great way to stay organized in my room!

I love helpful organization tips and some of these next few items that I am going to talk about are great to help organize your stuff!

I know a lot of you already know that these 3 drawer organization bins are a college must have! If you have not purchased one yet, you really should! I have used mine all 3 years so far and it was super helpful! Another thing that I found helpful was to have a laundry basket and then a basket to take with you to and from the laundry room. That way you don't have to haul it over each time. I found mine at HomeGoods!

Another great organization tip is to get an accordion file. This helped me stay organized with all my school assignments, freshman info that I needed to save all throughout college, receipts and so much more!

For other organization tips that I found helpful was to get a shoe shelf. It really helps create more space in your tiny dorm room. I also found this jewelry holder to be super helpful throughout my college experience. It was easy to see what options I had and it was always clean. Getting things like this will help your room stay more organized since it is a tiny room and space is everything!

Command strips can be a huge help in college, especially for your wall decor because they don't leave any marks on the wall when you have to take them off. I loved using commend strips to help hold my jewelry, belts, and some of my bags. This way I could still see what options I had and I didn't make any marks on the walls in the long run.

I love finding ways to display all the photos that I have taken over the past couple of years. A few ideas would be something like this (pictured below) or just getting a plain cork board from Michaels to display them all.

My junior year of college I finally purchased curtains for my room and man do I wish I had them every year of college. I had them my freshman year but my roommate and I both shared a window. Buying curtains for your room makes your room feel more homier and cozier. Another thing that I would invest in, is purchase a lot of throw pillows for your bed. It ends up being helpful so that you can prop your neck up or to add more coziness in your room!

A big trick that I found out later in college is Amazon will end up being your best friend. Especially when you can get free two day shipping when you use your college email!! I found this adorable tapestry on Amazon for less then $20! Having a tapestry in the room helps take up a lot of the white space that you will have in your room.

Another option to fill up the empty wall space and for less than $3 would be go to Google and find some of your favorite sayings or art to prints! I then took some fun tape from Hobby Lobby and put it on the outside to make it look a little more professional/artsy!