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My 10 Summer Must Haves

Every year I have being doing a summer must have blog post and I love making them for you guys because it's cool to see what is trending and what isn't trending. This year it was so hard to pick some of my favorite pieces that I have been loving for the summer so far because there were so many favorites of mine to pick from. I noticed that a lot of the pieces that I loved were way outside my comfort zone and super unique.

This dress has been one of my favorites because it is made out of that linen material but I also love it so much because it is that neon green color. Bright colored clothing has been huge this summer and I have seen a lot of that here in LA.

It isn't a summer trend without a cute graphic t-shirt...Haha. This is one of my favorite Target finds of the summer. If you watched my IG stories you would have seen that this is a dupe from Urban Outfitters. I love the details of the shirt and who doesn't love a comfy T?!

Where do I even start with these shoes?! They are my every day go-to shoe now because they go with so much. I never would have seen myself wearing sneakers like these but they are a life changer, haha. I always get so many questions when I wear them so click the photo for the LINK!

I don't think I would ever imagine myself saying this but I have been living in bodysuits this summer. I love how comfortable they have been for me and how I don't have to worry about my shirt coming up when I am at work. They have so many cute bodysuits out now a days, I am such a fan!

Leopard print bike shorts?! Are we even surprised here?? Haha, these biker shorts are so comfortable and I love how flattering they are on. I told myself that I was never going to wear these shorts when the trend first came out but when I saw these shorts I knew I had to get them. They are for sure outside my comfort zone and a major staple piece to wear out and about.

I love how different this black long-sleeve dress is. It's like an oversized suit that you can wear out as a dress. I have seen so many oversized t-shirt dresses this summer and I love to see how people style them! This one is from Pretty Little Things.

I think this skirt has been one of my favorites this summer because it goes with EVERYTHING. You can dress it down with a t-shirt and vans or dress it up with some heels and a cute top! Either way that you go, this skirt is so flattering on!

Hello one piece swimsuits!! I am so happy this trend keeps on going every summer because they have been making so many cute one-pieces! This swimsuit is for sure my favorite swimsuit of the summer! It is from SheIn!

Platform shoes have been a huge, but old trend that keeps on going. I especially love these because they are so comfortable and not super tall to where you might fall over and break an ankle, haha.

Any dress with sleeve detailing on it, you can count me in on purchasing! I love that I have been seeing a lot of dresses this summer that have big sleeves! So retro!

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