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Amazon Dress Finds

It has been such a long time since I have written my last blog post. With school work, health issues, and just spending time with my loved ones, I have been so busy lately. I am so excited to be back on the blog chatting with you guys and catching you up on this crazy life of mine. But for today’s blog post I am keeping it strictly fashion.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite Amazon dresses that I have been loving lately. I originally purchased this pink floral dress for our road trip, and I wanted to wear it to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. I loved it so much I had to buy another style and in another color. You can never have too many dresses; am I right?? These dresses have been the talk of the town because they are so affordable but they look like they are from Free People or Anthropology. I love that Amazon is able to make things affordable for everyone now but also make it fashionable. These dresses come in so many colors and sizes. I purchased mine in a size small for $29.99. I will say that with Amazon there are a lot of different manufacturers that you can buy from and the one that I picked took forever to get to my house. It took almost a month; so if I were you guys, I would just make sure you look to see when your package is estimated for delivery just to make sure that you get it on time. The other dress that I got from them was through Amazon Prime, so it got to my house within 4 days. The quality of the dresses are amazing and I love that they are not see-through as well. Overall, these dresses are just perfect for the hot summer days because of how flowy and light they are.

If you click on the photos, I have linked them to my Like.to.KNOW.it app where you can shop these two beautiful dresses. Please use my links because this is a way of how I make my income, and I would greatly appreciate it. Lastly, I hope you guys love these selections of dresses as much as I did. I think they are so cute and very bohoo. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer. I am so happy to be back on the blog again!