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SHEIN Honest Review

A couple of days ago, I asked you guys if you wanted to see a SHEIN review post and I received a lot of feedback from you. For today's blog post I am going to review each item that I have purchased from them and talk about how I felt about the product. I will also include a link for each of the products below the photo so that you guys can shop it!

Things to keep in mind when shopping at SHEIN:

1. Know that you are paying for the quality of the clothing, so please don't think you will be receiving the best clothing quality.

2. SWIM-When you purchase swimwear, know that whatever size you order from them you will get the same size in the top and bottoms. For example, if you are a size small in tops and size large in bottoms you will need to purchase two different bathing-suit sizes or size up. Their bottoms typically run very small and even though I am a small in their clothing I need a medium for my bottoms because the small is so tight on me.

3. Their clothing can be very see-through

4. It takes a while to receive your package after you have ordered from them but you can track it on their website.

5. Only purchase things that have reviews on them. Some of the clothing items are very skeptical and don't appear how they show them online.

6. Sizing tips: Most of the time the pieces do run small but like I said before, you need to read the reviews because people will let you know if you have to size up or size down. I have found that with every purchase, I am a different size depending on the product that I buy.

7 . The color of the garments that you see online might not be the same color that you see once you receive your package. AGAIN, READ THE REVIEWS.

Overall, SHEIN is a great place to buy affordable, trendy clothing. You just need to read each review before purchasing. Keep in mind when you are shopping from places like SHEIN or Zaful, you are paying a low price because of how low the quality is. Don't get me wrong, I have had some of my SHEIN pieces for years and they are still in great condition but it just depends on what you are buying from them.

This two-piece set is so cute and has to be one of my favorite SHEIN finds. I ordered a size small and it fit perfectly. The problem that I had with this set was it was hard to tell which was the correct side for the top and if the top isn't tied tight enough it falls down. Other than that, this set was a hit for me!

Okay, how cute is this retro romper??? I was obsessed when I tried this piece on especially because of the sleeves. I ordered a small and it fit so well. Nothing was wrong with this romper and I would say it was a hit!

Another one of my favorite SHEIN finds that I have had for a couple of years. When I saw this dress online I thought it was so fun for summer time! I will say that I was amazed by the quality of this specific dress. It is very well made and isn't see-through at all!

This entire outfit but the sunglasses are from SHEIN. The hat is so cute and well made. For the graphic t-shirt, it is super cute but see-through. I wear this t-shirt all the time because it is so trendy and it goes with everything. This skirt is super cute as well and I love that I could wear it in the summer as well as winter time. I ordered everything in a small and I would say it fits true-to-size.

This dress is perfect for the spring and summer. I loved the tassels on the dress and how well it was made for the price that I paid. However, it was super short on me and I am just 5'5. Other than that, it is a super cute dress!

Now this top is darling and it would be perfect for your next summer vacation. I ordered it in a small and I would give this top a 10/10! *I couldn't find this one online but there are a lot of similar ones!*

I ordered this sweater last fall and I was so obsessed with it! The quality surprised me and I can't wait to wear it again this fall. I ordered it in a small.

For these overall's, I will say they were super see-through on me. Another thing was I am 5'5 and it ended up being short on me. I was surprised because of how awkwardly it fit on me. I would not purchase this agin. Unless you are tiny and short this is not a good purchase for you, haha.

This was my worst SHEIN purchase of all time if we are being honest here. When I saw this online it looked super cute but when I received it in the mail, it looked nothing like it did online. I would not recommend this product at all. It was just poorly made.

Every year I buy a bathing-suit from SHEIN and this was one of them that I purchased. I loved the high-waisted bottoms and the neon color. I would 10/10 recommend!

These overalls were definitely a miss for me. I ordered a small and I could barley fit it past my waist. You can't tell in the photo, but I couldn't zip it up fully in the back. I would not recommend this product.

This was one of my first purchases from SHEIN ever and one of my favorites. I love everything about this set. The only thing about this set is you can't wear a strapless bra because of the back is open, but you have to wear some kind of coverage since it is see-through in the front. I also ordered this set in a small. Overall, I would purchase this item again!

This top and skirt are both from SHEIN. I loved the sleeves of the top but it was just too small for me and uncomfortable. The skirt is super cute and I loved everything about it but it was super itchy on the inside of the skirt which made it uncomfortable. I order