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13 Things I Regret Buying

I decided to make this blog post finally because I know a lot of you ask me if some clothing items are worth buying. I know by being a blogger I am supposed to show you some of the latest trends and also great deals. For today's blog post, I am not trying to show any any hate but just trying to inform you all of my personal opinions on these clothing items. I hope it helps and I hope you can get an idea of why some of these clothing pieces were not my personal favorites.

- - - -

1.) When I first saw this cardigan, I thought it was going to look so cute on me, but when I received it in the mail, it looked super tacky. It is just a super thick knit and you can tell how poorly made it is when you see it on someone.

2.) I got these shoes from Amazon a couple months ago and I haven't had them for that long and they already broke. You can tell that they are platform shoes and one of the layers on the shoe broke apart because the glue couldn't hold it together. They are just cheaply made and for what I paid for them, it isn't worth your money.

3.) Don't get me wrong, I love this sweater, but for the life of me I never could find a cute bra to wear under it without it looking like I was wearing a scandalous bra. So it just sat in my closet for weeks because I could never find something to go with it. If you do end up getting this sweater, just expect a lot of your bra to show, haha. Other than that, I do think this sweater is so cute and trendy.

4.) For this cardigan, I thought I was going to have a lot of tops to go with it but I didn't. I thought my graphic T-Shirts would pair so cute with this cardigan but no. I always get pulled into purchasing cardigans like this but I can never find enough tops in my closet to go with cardigans. I think a white bodysuit would look so cute with this cardigan though!

5.) These maroon pants are not the most flattering things in the world. I think it's because of the fabric the pants are made of. I never tried them on in the store so I thought I would just buy them and everything would work out. Not only do they fit awkwardly but the are really long compared to all the other pants that I own from TopShop.

6.) This pleated skirt is such a different color which is why I originally purchased it. However, it is almost too different. It ends up looking tacky no matter what top you pair with it, haha. I think it would be super pretty with a blouse in the spring, but it is definitely not my style.

7.) This embroidered skirt is very uncomfortable and itchy to me, though it is super pretty. It is from SheIn, so you know it was made cheaply. I would love to create a blog post of my SheIn review for you all since I get a lot of questions about it. If that is something you would like to see, please leave me a comment down below!

8.) I got this top at Forever21 and I thought it was so cute for the summer time. The weird thing about this top is it's polyester and it always ends up getting wrinkled. You could steam it, but it still turns out wrinkly.

9.) Don't get me wrong, I love a sexy body-con dress but this dress is way to dangerous for me, haha. The top part of this dress shows too much and it's so easy for your boob to slip out. However, if that's your thing it is a perfect body-con dress for the spring and summer. You could totally dress this body-con dress down and pair it with some sneakers too!

10.) I ordered this jumpsuit in a small and was super excited about it, but it ended up being wayyy too small for me. The other thing about this pantsuit is the pant part is way too wide. It almost looked like I was wearing a dress instead of pants. It is super cute but definitely wouldn't buy it again. What I did like about it though, is the strap part is adjustable so whatever top you wear you can adjust it to your liking.

11.) This linen skirt was a lesson for me. It wrinkles so badly and it's super see-through. It didn't look that see-through when I tried it on but when I wore it outside it was terrible. I loved the buttons going down the middle but the material was too much for me. I also couldn't find a lot to wear with this skirt which sucked but other than that it was an okay purchase.

12.) This two-piece is perfect for those of you who like a good two piece but I honestly wasn't a fan after I wore it a couple of times. It just doesn't look right when you put the two together. I think the top throws the pants off with the buttons going down the middle. The pants would be cute with a t-shirt but other than that I wasn't a fan of this purchase.

13.) I just got this skirt over winter break and had this idea in my head on how I was going to style it. This skirt is a different fabric and it comes across as tacky if you style it with a certain top. However, I really want to style this skirt in the summer with a graphic T-shirt and Vans. I think that would look super cute but I don't think this skirt is cute for the winter time.

- - - -

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