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Reflecting on 2018 & My 2019 Goals

If I could define 2018 in one word, it would be growing. For me, 2018 was a year to grow, work on myself and find out who I want to be. This was a year for me to stand outside of my comfort zone and try new things and be the best version of myself. I think the best part of the year was being able to grow as an individual and be a part of a wonderful community. I was able to see who my real friends were, see who would support me, lift me up and love me for who I am on this new journey.

- - - -

A couple of my favorite memories of 2018:

1. When I got the opportunity to travel to Denmark and visit family. I got to explore and see a whole new world of different things. I will forever hold that trip close to my heart and its beauty.

2. Blogging is definitely a huge memory for me this year and all the first-time experiences that I got to do. I attended my first ever blogging event, got invited to Greensboro Fashion Week, became a influencer on the Like.to. KNOW. it app, made some life time friends, worked with amazing companies all over the U.S and so much more.

3. I got the opportunity to visit where Tanner and his family are from and meet more of his family. Being able to go and visit where Tanner grew up was such a cool experience for me. We also spent the longest time that we had ever spent apart from each other over the summer because of his internship in Texas.

4. I was able to finally fall in love with my major and make the best of my studies. I participated as a stylist at my school’s Pink Power Fashion show and got the opportunity to intern with a bridal company based out of NYC.

5. I started working at Altar’d State. I found my passion through this job and found my love for fashion all over again. I love the people who I work with, and being able to do what I love there is something I will never take for granted.

6. And lastly, I got to travel a lot this year. From Denmark to California, Texas, Tennessee and little places like Boone, Oak Island, Raleigh.

- - - -

And now for a 2018 fashion recap!

Thank you for everyone who has supported me through this journey and has shown me nothing but love and kindness. I love you all and I am so blessed you are in my life!

- - - -

For 2019, I hope but nothing but love, joy, and laughter. I think 2019 will be the best year yet. Just because it will be the year of new experiences, traveling, and the year to do what I love to do most.

A few new year’s resolutions that I have for myself would be:

-go to the gym

-read more of my devotional

-eat healthier

-be on my phone less

-budget better

-journal more

-live in the moment

-get baptized

- - - -

“Things to try in 2019: enjoy your own company. Take every opportunity you get. Have faith instead of giving up so easy. Impress yourself instead of impressing others. Lend a hand without expecting anything in return.”

No matter what New Year’s resolutions you have for yourself, just live in the moment and make sure you put your happiness first. I wish you all nothing but the best, and I hope 2019 shows you so much love! Happy New Year’s Eve, lovelies!





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