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Teeth Whitening Review

Over the past couple of years, I have spent so much money at the dentist for teeth whitening products. I have seen progress from getting my teeth whitened by the dentist but it took over a year for it to work. The #1 dentist recommended teeth whitening method is using custom-fitted whitening trays, so having a product that creates this for me is so nice. Smile Brilliant trays ensure that every single angle of every tooth receives an even amount of coverage of their whitening gel. They offer custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less and up to 5 times faster coverage than any other whitening products. For someone who loves to drink coffee every morning, my teeth get yellow over time so I was really looking for a product that would help get rid of the yellowing. I can tell you that after TWO days of using this product, you will see so much progress. I have nothing but good things to say about this product and how easy they make it for you. In the kit, they also include a sensitive teeth whitening gel that comes in the package for use after you whiten your teeth. Everyone’s sensitivity is different but I never had to use that gel because my teeth never got sensitive from the product.

When you first receive this product in the mail, there is a three-step process for this product and helps you understand the process a little more. They give you plenty of instructions on how to use it and how to make your molds. Just in case you get confused on how to make your molds, you can always check on YouTube on how it works for a more visual explanation. The package also includes the molds to make your retainers with, the whitening gel, as well as the sensitive gel that you can apply. You then send in your molds, and within a week you will receive your retainers in the mail. You also do NOT have to pay to ship your molds to them because they provide everything for you, including the package to ship it.

I am absolutely in love with my whiter smile and feel so much more comfortable to smile! Thanks to Smile Brilliant for creating products that whiten teeth like mine! I love this product so much that I want YOU to be able to enjoy it too! Use my personal code "stylebyvic15" to receive 15% off your purchase with them!

Click the link below to enter my Smile Brilliant GIVEAWAY for a $149 credit for your own customized whitening kit! To see my personal results, scroll down to the bottom!

Do you want to enter to try and win your own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening product? Click the link below to enter! It's a $149.00 value for FREE!


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Here are my personal before and after photos from using Smile Brilliant!



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