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Holiday Outfit Inspiration

For this year's holiday outfit, I was really inspired by this sequined skirt that was sent to me by one of my favorite companies that I have loved supporting over the last couple of months, L+F Boutique. They have so many unique pieces to choose from, for any occasion that you have, and they even have a plus-size section that you can shop. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company and how well they take care of their customers. The owner is so sweet, and she is always looking to inspire others by showing God's love.

Every year when it is time to pick out a holiday outfit, I always tend to go for the comfy, cozy outfits. I usually pick a sweater and jeans or a sweater paired with a cozy skirt and knee-high boots. This year, I really wanted to be different and wear something that I haven't worn before and dress up. If you didn't know already, sequined clothing is back in style, and we are starting to see a lot more glitter for the holiday season. When I saw this skirt, I immediately thought about Christmas or even New Year's coming up. I decided to pair this skirt with a sexy top because the skirt was already so dressy. I picked a deep red top from Windsor that I got last year. I felt like a red top for this skirt would help the skirt pop even more than a green top would. I think this skirt would also look really stylish paired with a turtle neck and a leopard print fur coat for New Year's. Lastly, I am wearing a size small in the skirt and I think it fits perfectly. All of the clothing that they sell always fits me true-to-size.

I hope this outfit gives you some ideas on what to wear on Christmas or even New Year's Eve. Whatever you wear with this skirt, it is going to be super flattering and perfect for the holidays! You can click the link below if you want to shop this skirt! Happy Friday, babes!






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