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How to Shop Smart and With Style

I have to say that I am not a pro at thrifting, but I do my best to find things at decent prices. I usually try to shop at T.J Maxx, Marshals or Forever21 to find some affordable, trendy pieces for the season. Honestly, you will not find me paying full price on any item that I don't think is worth it when it is going to fade out of style next year. T.J Maxx has so many trendy and affordable pieces, however, I do not care for several of their items because of how their clothing is made and the prices they ask for. Some of their clothing do not last long and their tops end up with holes in them after a few washes, like their t-shirts. It's really just hit-or-miss when you shop in there. This sweater was such a good price and the embroidery is a huge trend for this fall so it was a big hit for me. The floral-embroidered bell sleeves were the first detail to catch my eye. I was so obsessed with the color and detail but I knew I had to get it even more when I saw the price tag. It is an American Eagle sweater but they were asking $12 for it. I couldn't pass up such a great deal for my favorite season. If you haven't been to your local T.J Maxx, you have to go check out their Fall deals. They have a lot of name brand clothing, such as Free People sweaters, but also a lot of designer dupes.



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