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A Typical Day in my Life in 10 Photos

Happy Saturday, lovelies! For today’s post I thought this would be a fun idea for those of you who may want a little insight of what a normal day in my life is like. A lot of you just see me as a fashion blogger but outside of blogging, I do a lot more than just that. I am a full-time student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and work at Altar’d State. I hope you guys enjoy today’s blog post and learn a little more about who I am!

- - - - - -

1. The first thing that I do every morning when I wake-up is read a little of my daily devotional book. This just really helps start my morning and it personally helps me to have a refreshed mind for the day. Starting the day off with some wise words just really helps me have a positive outlook of the day. I have been reading this devotional book for a while now and what I love about it is that you are able to write in it. I love devotionals that you can write in because it’s more personal and it helps me really focus on my thoughts. My devotional book is called "All in All Journaling Devotional" for those of you who might be interested in reading it!

2. The next thing that is in my daily routine is making my coffee every morning. I have to have coffee to start my morning or else my whole day is thrown off, haha. I love the pumpkin spice lattes by Starbucks and unfortunately, I am addicted to them!! I have no idea what I am going to do when pumpkin spice season is gone. Please leave a comment down below, letting me know what your favorite coffee is and your favorite coffee for Christmas season since it’s right around the corner!

3. The other thing I do and I love this part of my mornings, is put my make-up on. A few of my favorite makeup products have to be my Morphe 350 eyeshadow pallet because it has all the fall shades that I love. More products that I love is the mascara by L'Oreal called Voluminous Lash Paradise, my favorite lip color for fall by Tarte called front row, and my contour pallet by Anastasia.

This adorable coffee cup is from Rose Gold Rebel and I am obsessed with it.

4. Probably one of the most important things for me to do throughout the day is testing my glucose levels for my Type 1 Diabetes. Not many people understand how much goes into taking care of Type 1 Diabetes. I am constantly having to prick my finger at least 6 times a day to see how my levels are doing. I do my best to hide it from people so that I don’t scare them away but it’s super important for me to take care of myself. I usually will check my glucose levels when I start my day and before every meal so I know what I can and cannot eat. This is super challenging on days when I have school and managing a disease at the same time. If my glucose levels are too low sometimes I can’t focus in class and if it's too high, I have to give myself a insulin injection for my number or every time I eat something.

5. Next, I have classes all day on Tuesday's and Thursday's until 5p.m. In between my classes on Tuesdays and Thursday I will work on homework assignments so that I don’t have a lot of homework once I get home. I try to complete all my homework assignments before the weekend comes as well. This way I can relax and enjoy my time off when the weekend comes. I am currently studding Consumer, Apparel, and Retail studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I absolutely love it and my professors who teach my classes. Being able to learn more about a huge passion that I have gets me so excited for the future and where I get to work.

6. On the days that I am not in school, I am usually working at Altar’s State in Greensboro. This job has been one of the best experiences that I have had in the retail industry. I love being able to express my creative side, understanding the visual merchandising aspect of the retail store and most of all, I love the people who I work with. My favorite part about my job is that I get to style a lot of the mannequins in our store. Here is a photo of some of my latest work that I did for our new holiday attire that we got in.

7. When I come home from school or work, I then get some of my blogging work done. Whether it's working on an upcoming blog post for you guys or responding to emails that I have to catch up on. I also plan out my weekly post that I have coming up, this way I don't get behind. I usually plan two week a head of time just in case something comes up. This also helps me to manage school, work and blogging.

8. After a long day, I usually will cook some dinner or sometimes in the mornings before I leave for class, I will prepare dinner in a crockpot. I love making crockpot meals because they are so easy to make and by the end of the day when you get back, dinner is basically already finished. A lot of my recipes just come from Pinterest because they are so straightforward. It can be so hard for me to cook sometimes because I am so lazy and tired at the end of the day, haha. Since I live on campus though, sometimes I will just walk to go get food on campus. This is so nice for on the days I don't want to cook.

This is just a photo of where all the restaurants are on my campus, which is technically in my backyard.

9. Before bed, I usually will I whiten my teeth and will put a face mask on. I recently have been using the "Smile Brilliant" teeth whitening kit and I have been loving it so much. At this time of my day, I am basically just getting ready for whatever I have the following day. I also spend a lot of this time of my day on my phone and catching up on Instagram since during the day I am busy.

10. The last thing I do for the day is I will usually catch up on some of my favorite T.V shows that I missed throughout the week. A couple of my favorite shows that I watch is: This is Us, A Million Little Things and my guilty pressure, TeenMom. I love watching This Is Us and A Million Little Things. If you haven't seen these shows yet, you need to because they will make you cry they are that good! Here is a little photo on what my apartment room looks like as well. I just recently decorated it for fall time and I love how cozy it feels at night. After a long day, no matter how bad my day is, I love coming home to a cozy room!



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