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5 Pieces to Invest in this Fall

Today's post is definitely a post you need to read if you want to shop some of the trends that you will be seeing throughout the fall and winter. I know it is half way through fall but this might help for when we go into winter season. Happy Friday, babes!

1. Gucci Belt- Having a nice quality belt in your wardrobe is a must for this fall. By having an belt, you are able to accessorize more with your outfits and do more with them. It helps dress up your casual looks and even helps you look high quality. You not only can wear a belt with your jeans but also with your sweater dresses to help accentuate your waist a little more. This belt just overall will help your fall outfits look more stylish no matter what clothes you are wearing.

2. Loffers and Mules- We all know that this is a HUGE trend right now. Not only last fall and winter but this year especially. Last year we saw the Gucci loafers that were popular but then Target came out with some inexpensive ones. If you don’t already have a pair of the faux fur ones, you should stop by your local Target to get some because not only are they under $30 but you’ll feel like you are walking in your slippers all day! Haha.

3. Plaid Blazers- I felt like I have been seeing so many plaid blazers lately and not even the for the fall but at the end of summer as well. I would see people pair a black plaid blazer with a pair of shorts, a crop top and some fall booties. I can definitely see this trend staying throughout fall and winter. Especially with the blazers that are more relaxed and longer than the normal blazer (basically an oversized blazer). Having these in your wardrobe are also helpful because not only can you make them look fashionable by dressing them different ways but you can also wear it professionally to work. They have so many stylish ones at TJ Maxx and they are super affordable too!

4. Leopard Shoes-I cannot tell you guys enough about this trend. I know that when fall comes around, leopard print clothing comes around but not really with shoes. This season, however, you will be seeing a lot of leopard print in the shoes. I personally love this because you can keep your outfit super simple but have these shoes that help make your outfit pop even more. I have also linked a bunch of different options for you guys down below that you can shop from. I hope that helps!

5. Star Sweater & Balloon-Sleeve Sweaters- Oh sweaters, where would we be without them in the wintertime? I swear, I live in sweaters, leggings and Uggs when December hits. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing because you feel like you are in your pajamas all day and your feet are super cozy. Anyways, you can be sure to see so many oversized sweaters in the stores but also sweaters that have stars on them. I am so happy that star-print clothing is back because I absolutely love anything that has stars on it!!! I can guarantee that the star sweaters will continue into the spring just because of how dainty they are. I think investing in a really good quality star sweater is a good choice because another thing that I personally do is I will wear them as a cover up to the beach in the summer. It is just a great staple to have in your closet and run out the door wearing. You will also be seeing a lot of the balloon sleeves in your sweaters, which I am super pumped about. I can totally see this trend returning next fall because it just started this season.



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