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Denmark Travel Guide

I know I promised you guys a travel guide to Denmark, so here it is! (after a long 5 months, lol) I was super fortunate to take a trip to Denmark with my Morfar and my mom in May to not only explore this beautiful country but visit our family out there. I loved everything about this country: the people, the colors, the fashion, and all the beautiful buildings there. If you are taking a trip to Denmark and you have questions, I would love to help answer some of your questions. Whether you are reading this for future travel or reading this to dream, it is a place that you need to add to your bucket list. I am so glad I went, not only to experience Europe but to experience it with my mom and Morfar!


You can't visit Copenhagen without a trip to Tivoli! There are so many rides in this amusement park, as well as a hotel (first photo pictured below). A few fun facts about this amusement park is it is said to have been the inspiration behind Disney World and has some of the oldest rides in the world. I recommend going at night because you can see the amusement park lit up and enjoy the beauty of the park. Also, in DK they call cotton candy "candy floss." If you don't know me, there are two things that I love: churros and cotton candy. Of course I had to order one of those. When I saw the size of "candy floss," I couldn't get over how big it was compared to the American size. The picture down below doesn't do it justice because I ordered a "small" version too, haha.


This fairytale castle was probably my second favorite place that I visited. Not only is every room filled with beautiful paintings but the garden is breathtaking. There is so much detail in every room that you walk into. This castle is located about 45 minutes outside Copenhagen but is definitely worth the trip! I recommend getting the tape recorder set that they offer because you get to learn a lot in the beginning of the tour and understand the meaning behind some of the paintings in the castle.


This is the home to the royal danish family in DK. There are four buildings and a large courtyard where you can walk around. The first picture below was where the queen was staying when we had visited. I recommend waiting to see the change of the guard if you haven't already seen that before. I felt like I was in London while standing in the courtyard, haha. This attraction is also free to see as well! If you walk towards the water way behind these buildings you can see The Little Mermaid in the distance as well!


If you want a really good view of the city of Denmark there are a couple of places that you can go but I recommend the round tower. For just a few eros, you can see a breath taking view of the city. There are literally no steps in this round tower, it is just a circle and a huge incline all the way up. However, I didn't think it was awful, just wear a good pair of shoes;) Also, if my 80 year old grandpa can do it, I think you will be just fine, haha. I personally loved this view the best because I was able to get a 360 view of the entire city!


This canal was the most beautiful part of Denmark to me because of all the colorful houses along the waterway. I felt like I was in a dream and I just wanted to pull up a chair and watch people walk by all day. If I could rank all my spots that I visited, this would definitely be my number one pick. You can take a stroll around the waterway, take a canal tour bus (which is what we did), go shopping and even enjoy some of the delicious food. We ended up having lunch at one of the restaurants on the water. I ordered the fish and chips and it was delicious! I loved their fish and chips over there anywhere that I went, so if you do like that, definitely order that. Lastly, I recommend taking the canal tour bus because this way you can knock out a couple of tourist attractions in one seating. It also is nice because you get to ride in the boat around the canal and you get a feel of what it's like to live like a local in DK.


This was a very special spot for me to go and visit because not only is The Little Mermaid my favorite Disney princess, but I have always loved the story behind The Little Mermaid. The statue was definitely one of the busiest attractions that we saw while in Denmark, but I was able to stop by quickly to get a picture! I learned that this statue had been through a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean it, haha. For example, she has had her arm broken off multiple times; people spray graffiti on her; and the people in Denmark will even dress her occasionally to make a statement to their country. I honestly imagined her to be a little bigger in person but that's okay, haha. She sits on the rocks near the water, and it is so beautiful because you can walk up and down the side of the waterway and see her from a distance. I think seeing The Little Mermaid is a must when you visit Denmark because of Christian Andersen’s beautiful story.



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