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Sweater Weather is Near

I am so excited that it is finally getting cold outside and that I can slowly pull out my fall clothes for the official start of the season! Who else loves fall season?? I am most excited about sitting next to the fire with my sweetie, wearing cozy knits, boots; pumpkins and warm coffee. Today’s blog post is sponsored by Wooden Ships, and this sweater is from their new fall collection that they just released. I am so excited to share their story with you and share some of my personal clothing pieces from them that I loved. There is just something about their cozy knit sweaters for falltime. I promise you that!

Wooden Ships is a small, family-owned company that was founded 25 years ago in Bali. How cool is that?? The owner, Paola Buendia, took a trip to Indonesia to see the rainforests and campaigned for the environment there. She loved the beauty of the country and the endless possibilities that it had to offer. While visiting, she found a way to incorporate fashion in this country. This company has a no waste policy and all their pieces are made-to-order, instead of waisting clothing pieces that customers “might” buy and having so much merchandise left over. Another awesome thing that Wooden Ships has, is they have solar-powered factories, and they compost all organic material. Their factory in Bali produces all their personal knitwear and accessories that they offer on their website. They really treat their workers with care and give them opportunities that they would have never received from other business over there. They have boutiques not only located in the United States but also in Australia and Canada. On top of all of this, Wooden Ships donates to so many great causes, like Sea Shepherd International, WildAid and Earth Justice. Also, these earrings that I am wearing with this orange dress is from one of my favorite boutiques that I have worked with in the past called L + F Boutique. You will be seeing more posts of me wearing these this fall because they are such a statement item!! If you are interested in them, send me a DM and we can chat from there! If you want to shop them, here is their website: https://lfclothingboutique.com/

I love being able to receive the opportunity to work with companies like this one. Every company that you buy from has their own story behind them. Get to know the places that you buy from to see how they are impacting our society and see what you can do to help out. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post as much as I did with sharing this company’s story!

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit” –MATTHEW 28:19

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