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Our Anniversary

- - - How we met - - -

It all started off when we were eight years old, on my neighborhood street. We grew up playing together and we both had the same best friend at the time. We all three would always hang out and play after school. We have some embarrassing baby pictures, but also some cute ones. We went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school together. In elementary school we went to what we call in the south, cotillion and he was my date. It wasn't till the 8th grade till he asked me to be his girlfriend at our community fair. Of course I said yes but it didn't last long until I broke his heart after a couple of months. I just couldn't see him like that because he was my best friend.

- - -

This was us dressed up for our first cotillion class in the fourth grade.

- - -

Fast forward to middle school when we made it official that we were dating....My grandma took this photo of us at our 8th grade recital. He was in the band and I was in the chorus. It was so sweet because he surprised me with roses after our concert and I still have one of the roses that he gave me to this day! Which looking back is super freaky to me because I never kept stuff from my other boyfriends, just from him.

- - -

We started to date again in high school and I never thought I would date him again because after our first break up, it ended badly. So, if you were to tell me that I would be back dating him in a couple years, I would have never believed you haha. We both ran on our high school cross country and track team, where we reconnected.

This was us at our last regionals race for cross country.

- - -

This was us at our high school senior prom. Which was honestly one of the best days and I will never forget how much fun we had. I never went to my junior prom so this day was such a special day to me. We didn't go with our group of friends at the time, it was just us and I loved that. I couldn't have asked for a better time. I definitely felt like a princess the whole night and I would do anything to go back to that day!

- - -

Fast forward to our college days...I have to say that we have never grown so much as a couple than we have while being in college and dealing with long distance. We were so used to living two minutes away from one another, so being an hour a way was so hard to get used to.We live so close to one another back at home, that we can paddle board to each others house on the lake, if that says anything to you haha. Anyways, I think we both are glad that we do attend different colleges because it gave us room to grow as individuals. I get asked all the time if we like it or wish we had it differently, and honestly I don't wish things were different. I love looking forward to seeing him on the weekends and getting him all to myself for two days. Don't get me wrong though, it can suck when you're really down, or you just miss each other but because we trust and love each other so much we are able to make it work. I think what really helped me get through it was realizing that love shouldn't be a sad thing, and that you shouldn't be sad all the time about it. If you really love each other, than nothing will happen and in Gods plan, it will all work out. I cannot tell you guys how weird it feels to almost be done with school and knowing that after school we will finally get to live with each other. NO MORE LONG DISTANCE!! I remember freshman year, how I would constantly be living in the unknown and praying about our relationship or was wondering what God was doing. I defiantly couldn't have done it without Tanner though, without the amount of love and affection he constantly shows me, I would be living in the unknown today. Now, I am so excited for our future and especially for next year and after college. I can't wait for a lot of things but as long as I get to be with him, I will be the happiest girl on this planet!

- - -

Freshman year: Our first "photoshoot" together

- - -

Here are some of the photos that we took a couple a weeks ago for our Anniversary by our amazing photography friend @Peyhphotography_

The dress is from Olive + Pepper and it is linked on my Instagram!

- - - (Some) Questions that were asked - - -

1) Favorite date night ideas (this one was asked so much and it was hard to pick!)

-I would say our favorite date night idea is to go to the store, grab a couple of our favorite foods and watch a movie together at home. I know some of my favorite date nights that we have had in the past would have to be: star gazing in his old truck, watching the sunset on the lake, building a fort and watching a movie, going to a fancy restaurant, having a campfire or even baking some cookies together!

2) one question was about this diary page that I wrote about Tanner when I was in elementary school. If you know what I am talking abut, than you know lol. But I think it is super weird because I would always talk about how he was my dream guy and how I had the biggest crush on him but I didn't want anyone knowing about it. He was also the guy my dad would say I should look for in a guy, so he was always being talked about in my family as a good pick for me. I never thought about it though.

3) What's the quality that had you saying he's the one for you?

-You know how people always say "when you know, you will know?" Well trust me, you will definitely know when you have found the one! It took me about a year to know that he was the one for me but it was mainly because of how big his hart is. He has such a kind heart and I love how much he loves me for who I am. His love for me is constantly inspiring me every single day.

4) Who takes our photos?

-The ones that I have posted on my account have been by my friend @Peyhotography_. However, most of the time we just use my camera stand, especially when we go on vacation. I have a nice quality Nikon camera that I use all the time, so I just set a timer if anyone can't take a photo of us. If not than we will ask a stranger or our siblings haha.

5) When's the engagement?

-Hahaha, you might have to ask Tanner about this one because at this point I have no idea. We planned on next year, so whenever that comes around but who knows! Hopefully soon-ish because I am ready to start the wedding planning!

6) Do you go to the same college?

-No, He goes to Chapel Hill and I attend the University of Greensboro.

7) If you guys could travel anywhere, where would it be?

-Fore sure, Italy or somewhere tropical! I am so glad we want to go to the same places, haha.

8) What do you guys argue about the most?

-Probably where we are going to eat, lack of communication or that he doesn't listen to me talk. Which is my fault because I talk too much, so his attention span gets to him quickly with me, haha.

9) What advice would you give for long distance couples?

-Definitely trust each other, fight for each other and be understanding of one another. Also, never go to bed mad!! That is my biggest one. I hate going to bed mad or going to bed without communicating because that is key to a healthy relationship.

10)Where do you guys see each other in 5 years?

-Married, working our dream jobs, living in our apartment in the city with our two pups!

About our photographer:

I first off wanted to say how amazing she is and how she doesn't make you feel awkward at all during the shoot. She knows how to work with couples and how to show their true personality through her camera lens. Our photographer started this photography business because she wanted to express her creative outlet. While being a theater kid in high school, she always had an opportunity to express herself but when she got to college, she struggled with finding herself again. It wasn't till sophomore year she took the chance and finally purchased her first camera. She said that she saw the need for an adventurous couple photographer and she wanted to be one. Her goal is to capture couples from varies stages in their lives and I know she has defiantly done that for Tanner and I. If you want to check out her page here is her link---https://www.instagram.com/peyhphotography_/--- She does everything from infants, to couple shoots, to even events!

- - - -

I am so sorry this was a super long post and that I couldn't answer all of your questions that you asked me. There was so many and I din't want to pick a lot. I hope you enjoyed today's post and got a little inside of who I am. I love being open with you guys and letting you in to my personal life. Thank you for all your sweet comments and love! Enjoy these bloopers below!!



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