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VIBE-Swing Dress

Happy Friday, lovelies! I am so excited to share another piece of clothing with @VIBE apparel with you all in today’s blog post. I know I have already posted two fun, colorful pieces with them and you guys LOVED them, so I am sure you will love this dress as much as I do for the fall. Also, if you have any questions about sizing for any of their pieces, please send me an email or DM. I would be happy to help you. Personally, I think all their clothes are true-to-size, but I know some people still ask just to make sure. I hope you enjoy today’s blog post, and read it till the end for a 20% off coupon code for when you shop with them! I have included all the pieces that I have received from @VIBE at the bottom of the post as well, in case you want to purchase those pieces that I have.

This post is important because not only is this dress super cute for this fall but @VIBE is releasing their soft 2018 fall line, TODAY. They have so many cute pieces for everyone this fall and I have included some of my personal picks down below, in case you want to shop them. I absolutely love their quality of clothing and I love that they also sell plus-size clothing for women. When it starts to get chilly out for the fall and winter, I absolutely hate wearing polyester or rayon because it doesn’t keep me as warm, but with all of Vibes’ apparel, you will always stay warm with their soft, cotton material clothing. I love how trendy and affordable all the pieces are and that they have a lot of colorful pieces for my personal style. This specific yellow plaid dress is definitely giving me endless Clueless movie vibes. Did anyone else live through that movie?? I just paired the dress with my black over-the-knee boots because I wanted to show you how I would personally style it for the cooler weather. However, you could totally wear some cute fall boots with high-knee socks or even just cute booties. This dress also screams fall to me because of the color yellow that is incorporated in it. I love fall time and the color clothing that stores have, especially Vibe apparel.

If you are looking for some great quality pieces in your fall wardrobe for this year, you NEED to check out Vibe.com. Use my code “VICTORIA20” to receive 20% off your entire purchase with them at checkout! Happy Friday, lovelies, and don’t forget to check out their entire fall 2018 clothing line today!



Photography: @Peyhphotography_

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