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How to Style Bright Color Pants

\Happy Monday babes! - - - - I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the sun since this week is going to be rainy (BOOO). I wanted to first thank you guys for all the love and support on my blog, Instagram, and your sweet comments recently. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys! - - - In today's blog post I am going to be chatting about these cute pants that I just recently found in the Forever21 sale rack while shopping. Before I talk about styling, I'll provide a little back story about these pants. My boyfriend took me shopping for a nice little treat and of course we spent most of the time shopping at Forever21, but when we got to the store I didn't realize how many pieces of clothing went to the clearance rack. My boyfriend pointed it out and so we spent forever just going through everything since there were so many great pieces on sale. Anyways, he was picking out things he would love to see on me but I was looking more for fashion pieces that I could use for the blog (fashion blogger's mindset lol). Well I came across these fabulous pants and I just knew I had to get them because who has a pair of pants in this color?! Definitely a super extra fashionista lol. We went to try on everything that we had found and most of it were things that I could where around family without being my extra self. Then when I showed him these pants I had the biggest smile on my face because I was begging him to buy them for me, and he looked at me and said "well those definitely scream fashionista Victoria but not my favorite style for you. However, I know you really want them". I just thought it was so funny because my boyfriend knows that I can't NOT be my fashionista self while shopping! Boys are so cute in that way because a lot of them just love you for who you are and not necessarily who you try to be. They love you when you are in your sweats and have no make-up on and they love when your hair is a mess. Being honest, it is really hard for me to set aside my fashionista self when I am with him because I love to dress up and wear heels, but since we have been dating for so long I have learned that there are times to dress up and there are times to just sit on the couch, eat ice cream and watch a movie together. I just thought I would share that with you because I know these pictures seem to just be cute photos and all but to me there's meaning behind this outfit. Now back to styling....

With these pants or any bright colored pants in general, you really need to be careful with what top you pair with it because you don't want to take away from your staple piece in your outfit. Since these pants didn't have a pattern on them I really wanted to find a top that had a pattern to make the pants pop even more! I tried to pick a subtle color since the pants are already bright enough, but you could definitely pick out a white tee with bright wording on it and it would still work. Down below I have picked out some other tops that could also complement these pants. I thought it would be helpful just in case you have different style than me. (All you have to do is click the photo below that I took a screenshot of and it will take you directly to the website!). I think another fun color that would go with these pants is almost like a burnt orange top to add more color to the look. I thought this crop top would be perfect for the summer time too since it gets so hot out. This top shows some skin which also adds a sexy vibe to the look! Lastly, these heart-eyed glasses are to die for! I am so obsessed I am going to order them in more colors! I ordered them online at Urban Outfitters but when I went back to look for y'all I noticed they are sold out online. I do have them linked though on the LIKE.to.KNOW.it app so when they restock them, you guys can shop them from there!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and have some coffee on this gloomy Monday morning to help your day go by faster!




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