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My Dunkin' Donuts Picks

Happy Saturday peeps! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend no matter where you are! I noticed that I have a lot of new followers on my page so I wanted to say welcome and thank you for joining me on my journey. I am so excited that you are here and love fashion as much as me!- - - In todays blog post I am talking about some of my favorite Dunkin' Donut picks. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to get some fresh donuts from Dunkin' Donuts, preferably the double chocolate glazed donut or sprinkled (haha yes I am 7 years old). I also have to get coffee to go with it (obviously) so usually I go with my normal order of caramel iced coffee. There iced coffee is the best, am I right??? Usually, I get a large caramel iced coffee with just creamer because I don't care for the sugar sitting on the bottom and drinking pure sugar through the straw. For the longest time I hated coffee and how it was never sweet enough for me, so finding coffee that I love at Dunkin' was definitely a home run for me. Not only is there coffee really sweet and flavorful but there prices are so affordable. I also have to brag about the employees that work at Dunkin' Donuts for a second. Every time that I have been to a Dunkin' Donuts the employees there are so wonderful and happy all the time. There has been so many times I have been greeted with so much joy and sweet comments. Lastly, if you haven't already tried Dunkin' Donuts, donut fries, you definitely need to try them because they're amazing!! You will definitely taste the cinnamon that they roll the dough in, which is the best part to me. You won't find any other place selling them like how Dunkin' Donuts make them!

Perks of the Dunkin' Donuts rewards app- - -

This app is so wonderful for all of you Dunkin' fans that order there a lot . For every dollar that you spend at Dunkin' you will receive 5 points towards your rewards card and once you reach the 200 point limit you will receive a FREE beverage of your choice. Through this app, you will also get a FREE beverage on your birthday, exclusive offers and bonus points throughout the year. To sign up, just go to- - - www.DDPerks.com- - -. If you want to order your food online this is also the app for you;)

I know todays blog post is a little different from what I usually post about but I love my Dunkin' Donuts coffee and had to share some of my personal favorites with ya'll. If you guys have never been to your local Dunkin' you should definitely go give them a try! Personally, I love Dunkin' way more than Starbucks but I know a few of you would disagree with me haha. Happy Saturday ya'll!


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