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Fourth of July Lookbook

For this years Fourth of July blog post, I really wanted to include a lot of different outfit ideas for ya'll. This way, you will have more of a variety of styles to choose from no matter where you are going. Later, in the week I will be posting more looks that I have been inspired by for this years Fourth of July. Down below, I tried to link the outfits the best I could since these looks are from a couple of years ago. Enjoy ya'll!


First look:

Pants: REVOLVE (LINKED)- http://www.revolve.com/milly-cropped-natalie-pant/dp/MILL-WP39/?d=Womens&page=1&lc=64&itrownum=22&itcurrpage=1&itview=01&plpsrc=%2Fr%2FBrands.jsp%3FaliasURL%3Dpants%2Fbr%2F44d522%26%26keyword%3Dred%2Bpants%26color%5B%5D%3Dred%26%26s%3Dc%26c%3DPants%26sortBy%3Dfeatured

Top: Nordstorm

Second look:

Shoes: Target

Hat: URBAN OUTFITTERS- https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/plaid-baker-boy-hat?category=hats-for-women&color=049


Third look:

Hat: URBAN OUTFITTERS- https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/straw-ribbon-trim-boater-hat?category=Hats&color=016

Two-piece set- LULUS (I purchased this set two years ago)