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5 Things You Might Not know About Me

1. - - - I am originally from Los Angeles, California and now I live in Huntersville, North Carolina. I cannot tell you how much I miss California and the older I get the more I miss it. I hope that one day I can move back there and pursue my dreams to become a studio stylist or work for a styling company out there. I love everything to do with L.A fashion, especially the boho style. I plan on interning out there next summer in hopes to get a full-time job out there after graduating college. I think part of me has always been in California when it comes to fashion because I love to stand out and be bold with my wardrobe. When I go visit family there I love being myself and not feeling like I am being judged or holding back my style.

2. - - - When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Most of you don't know this because I do my best to hide it from people that I am not super close with because I don't want them to worry about me or scare them away. When I was nine years old, my whole family had to change their lives for me because of this. However, they have helped me to live the most normal life that I can. Every day, I wake-up by testing my glucose level as well as throughout the day giving myself injections every time I eat. As I get older, I do my best to not let this disease define who I am because nothing can stop me from living a beautiful life.

{If you know anything about diabetes, usually you wear a insulin pump but in this photo below I am wearing a CGM monitor. This photo was taken 4 years ago when I did used to wear a CGM. With the monitor I was able to control my glucose levels better.}

3. - - - I ran cross country and track all four years of high school and it taught me a lot. I actually wasn't planning on running or playing any sports, I was pressured into it by my best friend at the time. I showed up at my first practice and I remember the coach told me to try and run 4 miles and I literally thought he was crazy. Turns out that's an easy run. Later, my best friend who got me started with the sport quit but I stayed. My first 5k time, was around 25 minutes and by senior year, I was down to 20:52ish. I know that might not sound like a lot to you, but if you are a runner you know every second counts. Freshman year, I was the twentieth fastest female runner in our devision and I ended up making it to every state championship race but my sophomore year because of my achilles tendon was injured. By senior year, I was running up to 8 miles at practice in 90 degree weather. I have so much love for that sport because not only did I have a huge passion for it but I loved my team and my coach. My coach ended up being a second dad to me and I can't imagine not having him during my high school experience.

And actually, the fourth fact I am about to share with you guys, my boyfriend and I met again through running cross country together and he asked me out after practice one day! {haha}

4. - - - To sum it up...I met my boyfriend when I was 8 years old and grew up with him. We went to the same elementary, middle and high school. I also dated him in the eighth grade for a little and then we parted ways because things didn't work out. We met again senior year of high school and he couldn't have come into my life at a more perfect time. He is the best part of me and the best decision I have ever made. He inspires me daily, to pursue my dreams in fashion and I can't thank him enough for loving me a long the way. We currently are attending separate colleges to pursue our majors but we definitely have big plans for the future. {I would love to write a entire blog post about how we met and our journey over the past couple of years if you guys are interested!}

(This was at a birthday party that we went to in the 8th grade.)

5. - - - I have a yellow labrador named Rocket and he is 12 years old. I literally love him so much my heart hurts!! He has been by my side through all my ups and downs and literally doesn't leave my side! I will go to the kitchen to get a glass of water and he will follow me, then to the bathroom and he will want to go into the bathroom with me, then back to my room and he will want to lay right at my feet or in my lap. He is 80 pounds and still thinks he is a little baby. Recently, he had surgery to get a tumor out of his back and that was the most difficult thing that I had to go through because he is literally like a baby to me and I was so scared of losing him. He is doing well right now and I just pray every day that I get a little more time with him. Luckily, my boyfriend want a lab when we get married so I am so thankful I will always have a labrador in my house. I could post so many photos of my lab but here are a few of my favorites because I couldn't decide!

Lastly, thank you guys so much for following me on this journey and for all you constant support that you show. I love all the feedback that I get from my followers and how awesome the blogging community is. I hope that with this post you feel a little closer to me and you get an idea of who I am :) As always, love you guys so much!!




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