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Red In Spring

Happy Thursday Lovelies, we are so close to the weekend! I had such a busy Tuesday because I am going home this weekend so I had to work on all my work for the week but luckily, I didn't have too much of a work load. I wanted to ask, if any of my viewers are photographers in the Charlotte area, please let me know on my Instagram!! I am looking for someone who is local and is willing to shoot a few looks a week at a low price. Thank you so much and enjoy this blog post! - - - - -

One of my favorite clothing pieces to wear in the spring in summer is jumpsuits and rompers. I love being able to throw them on and not having to worry about matching two pieces of clothing together. I especially love bold colors and printed rompers because it brings out the garment for the season. Recently, my parents went to California to see my family and while my mom was shopping around in L.A she found this red romper and sent it to me to see if I wanted it. As soon as I saw the color I thought about how fun the shade of red that it was paired with the stripes. Usually, I don't buy anything that is a red color because it doesn't go well with my hair, so I was afraid to have my mom buy it and not like the color. However, when she came home I loved how dull the red was so it still didn't flush my hair color out. I thought this jumpsuit would be so much fun for spring and comfortable. You could pair so many different items with it as well. For example, you could wear different hats with it, like dress it casually with a baseball hat and a pair of sneakers paired with a cardigan OR a denim jacket like I chose to do below. Then for the accessories, you can pair a dainty gold choker necklace with it or go with a pair of statement earrings. One thing that I wish I had to go perfectly with this outfit is a straw cross-body bag. I have been dying to get my hands on one of them but I can't find an affordable one anywhere! I am hoping that when I go abroad in May I will be able to find one or buy one that is handmade.

I already have been trying to shop for things that I can take with me abroad in May especially easy outfits to pack. So, having things like this jumpsuit to take on my trip will be perfect because it's one whole outfit and I won't have to pack something else to go with it. Would you guys like to see a what's in my luggage post for abroad? I am so ecstatic to blog over there and I can't wait to get some amazing photos! I recently did a poll on my fashion Instagram about if you had the option to go abroad would you choose Paris or England? And it was a pretty close vote but a lot of you guys said Paris. I got a couple of messages back from some of you that have already been to those places and I really appreciated your feedback! I love hearing from you guys and it really helped me a lot. I had asked that because when I leave in May we are specifically going to Denmark but will have days where we will ride the train over to different places and for one of the days I will have to pick between England and Paris and I really stuck on which one to choose. I still have time to think about it but please let me know what you personal favorite spots are!

As always, have a great rest of your week and I am sending out my love!

xoxo- Vic



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