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Polka-Dotting Into Spring

Happy spring break to my college peeps!!! I just had my spring break last week and the weather did not go above 55 degrees.... so I am jealous of everyone who went to a warmer state for break. I am currently back at school and the first day back we got a snow day, so it's a little weird thinking that I just had my spring break. I will say blogging can be a little difficult when you have to blog a season ahead and you have to either freeze or sweat to death to get good photos haha for your blog. However, the sun came out for a little during the break so I was able to get some posts up for you guys for this week and next week.

From bright colored skirts to the printed tops I have seen so many unique outfits already for this coming up spring. That's why I love fashion because there is so many ways to dress and so many ways to get inspired. This skirt has me so excited for the spring attire and all the fun prints that will come out. With this outfit, I was inspired to create a sophisticated look. Usually, my style is more of a boohoo style but I saw this skirt and had this image in my mind that I wanted to create. I came across this skirt and immediately thought about flowers and sunshine. With this skirt you could pair a pastel blouse with it or even add a darker color top like navy to go with it. However, I had this polka-dot top that I got a couple weeks ago that I thought would go perfectly with it. With this top it creates an edgy/bold look but the skirt adds a sophisticated vibe to it. Since the skirt color was already so bright, I really didn't want to take any of the emphasis away from it. This skirt form @ASOS has so many details to it I love it. I love the pleats that are placed in the skirt as well as the layering of the skirt. The top is also from @Forever21.

Down below after all my photos, I put some other tops that you could personally style with this beautiful skirt. That was one of the many reasons why I love this skirt is because you can go so many different ways with it! You could keep it casual and wear a graphic T-shirt and a pair of Adidas sneaker or dress it up with a blouse and high-heels. Any way that you style it, it will grab people's attention with the bold color of the skirt. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and I hope that I helped with how you can personally style your own skirt with some of the ideas down below.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and I love you guys always!




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