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"Get Off Your Shoulder Sweater" From Top Thread Apparel

Hello my fashionista's! I hope everyone is doing well and that you guys are staying warm this week. I have a couple of new announcements for this coming up spring posts. I took a poll on my Instagram to see if you guys wanted to start seeing spring looks and a majority of you guys wanted to see spring styles instead of winter styles. Since last year, I had a lot of spring looks that I blogged about and not everyone saw them, I am going to be posting old spring looks from last year as well as new looks. I want to try to post two looks every week on my page so that you guys have plenty of options and post my looks from last year on Thursday's. I also am working on some more personal posts since I received a lot of comments on those! Thank you guys for all your input and support through this blogging experience. Lastly, for this post, I am so excited to share this adorable sweater from Top Thread Apparel with you guys because they are an amazing brand!

This "Get Off Your Shoulders Sweater" from @topthreadapparel is the perfect sweater for this Valentine's Day. I love this top because it's not too thick and it's a really good quality top. I personally hate it when a sweater is too thick because it's not like I can take the sweater off to cool down so this sweater is perfect for those situations. Another, positive thing about this sweater is the elastic on the shoulders is not as tight to the point where you can't move your arms. I was so worried about that when I purchased it because it's not like I can try it on until I receive it in the mail. This top is a deep cherry color so it goes with practically any bottoms that you pair it with. You can style this top so many different ways because you could dress it up with a brown skirt with some high-knee-boots and it would look super cute!

Lastly, I have to brag about this boutique for a little bit because I love what this brand stands for as a whole. One of the reason why I love this boutique and will be purchasing from them again in the future, is because with every purchase that you make with them, 10% of their profits from your order goes to a charitable organization that you chose from. When you check out they give you the option to give back to either the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The ALS Association, Kruz'n For A Kure Foundation or the Wright Fight (Cystic Fibrosis) foundation. It's amazing to see brands helping out in any way they can but especially when they care and show their love to helping society. Also, get 20% off your first order when using the code "WELCOME20". When you buy from them you give back love to the world and there's nothing sweeter than that! Please check them out and go like their page!




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