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Orange You Glad That Spring Is Finally Here?

Happy Saturday beauties!! Sorry that I have been MIA recently, I have been sick with a terrible cold since Thursday and I haven't been able to get this blog post up for ya'll. Of course when I haven't been sick all year I would get sick at the end of winter and on my spring break. That being said, I hope that I can get a lot of posts done and up for you guys during my break since I don't have any plans. I also am planning to post more personal posts since a lot of you guys have been asking for those and are interested. I plan on doing some life update posts, get to know me posts, some of my favorite fashion pieces for spring and some fashion pieces that I regret purchasing. Keep a look out for those!

For this outfit I was inspired by the 1970's fashion style. I usually am not a fan of food on my clothing but when I saw this dress @Forever21 it screamed my style. I thought this dress was perfect for the spring time, especially as we transition from winter to the warmer weather. You could wear a denim jacket with this dress to bundle up on those mornings when it's cold but when it's hot in the evening, you can take the jacket off. If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you know that I absolutely love patterns during spring time, especially mix-matching them. For this look, I took the dress and tried to find a head scarf that would go well with it. Personally, you could pair so many different pattern scarfs with this dress and wear it so many different ways. I will say you will be seeing these head scarfs and neck scarfs all over the place this season and I am so excited because I have always been obsessed with this trend. For the shoes, I really wanted to tie in my boohoo look to this outfit so I paired these @UrbanOutfitter booties with it.





This is totally off the topic on my post but I wanted to remind you guys of this as you shop around this season. This morning as I was taking the price tags off my Forever21 clothes I was reminded with how much waste Forever21 goes through each day. Since Forever21 is a fast fashion brand it only causes them to waste so much material to get the new clothes out for us. I understand that since they are a fast fashion company they have to have the latest trends out for the consumers and have to sell it at a cheap price because of how it's made. It just got me thinking that I am purchasing clothing from a brand that is hurting our environment because of how much fabric they waste. Then I got to thinking about how amazing people are, like my best friend, who are trying to use the wasted fabric for other things like, headbands, scrunchies, neckties and so much more to make use of the fabric. I know there are so many other little side companies who are trying to re-use the wasted fabric and I think that is so powerful for the fashion industry. People like her are making a huge difference in the fashion industry and are becoming such a positive influence. Sorry for going on that little rant but I thought I would share so that the next time you are out purchasing new clothes you can think about how you are affecting our environment. Please go check out my friends company @AlegriaCollective page on Instagram to see how she is changing the world just by one little step.

What are your plans for this weekend??




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