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All Wrapped Up In Style This Spring

I am so happy that spring is right around the corner and that days spent on the lake aren't too far away either. Over the weekend, I spent all day Saturday shooting for my blog in Charlotte and I had forgotten how beautiful that city was. I know a lot of my viewers are from the Charlotte area, especially my blogger friends. If any of my blogger gals want to meet up for coffee in the Charlotte area I would love to and would love to get to know ya'll more. Now, for this blog post I really loved mixing two completely different patterns together to show you guys that you can put any patterns together for spring. One thing that I love about spring are the prints they have on the garments. I absolutely love mixing different patterns together and challenging my styling abilities to stand out.

This wrapped floral top is perfect for any occasions this spring. I love patterned tops like this because you can style them with patterned skirts, plain colored skirts or even high-waisted-pants and it will look super fashionable either way. With this top, you can wear it so many ways because the possibility of the way you can tie it are endless. With each tie you create a new look and that's what makes this top so unique. I really wanted to add a color of blush pink in this outfit since it's spring and adding color in your wardrobe is key for spring style. I paired these Marc Fisher wedges with this look because I felt like it would create a softer look since my skirt stood out so much already. Lastly, this adorable gingham patterned skirt that was featured in my first post for College Fashionista, was the perfect fit for this look because it helped my shoes and top pop. With tops like this I try to stay away from the main color in the top or try to pull a color that is barely seen in the top to help the top stand out more. For instance, if you look at the flowers in the top you can see a darker shade of pink. Since the top already has the pastel shades in it you want to pick a darker skirt to go with it. If I didn't have this skirt I would probably pick a dark shade of pink, white, burgundy or even a denim skirt.

As the warmer weather is coming to a start I am super excited to be outside a lot more and go to the beach to make fun memories in the sun. I also have to admit I have already started shopping for more summer bathing suits. That's one thing that bothers me about being a girl. Why do we feel the need to buy so many bathing suits for summer when men can survive with 3 pairs for the summer?? I guess that's why they say girls are a handful haha.

What are your plans for spring break???