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How to Wear a Dress Over a Sweater

If you have been following my fashion blog for a couple of years now you would know that last year I did a Valentine's Day blog post about this pink, ruffled top, sweater. I really thought this sweater screamed Valentine's Day and I wanted to create another look with it again because I was inspired by the dress over the T-shirt look. This trend has been going on since the 90's but has sparked in the past couple of years. Since it's winter, I had to find a compromise so I picked the same pink sweater from last year instead of a basic white T-shirt.

When creating this look, I really had to find a dress that was form fitting so that I wouldn't look twice my size because of the over-sized-sweater that was already going under the dress. The problem with this sweater, is the size and shade of the pink. The size is a size fits all so it's super big and the color is a unique shade of pink (not your typical pink color). It's super hard to find two pieces of clothing that overlap each other without making it look tacky for the dress over the T-shirt look. I really wanted to feel comfortable but look fancy for this look because I wanted to create a Valentine dinner look for you guys. I came up with this look and it took care of the sloppiness because of the dress that I picked to go with the sweater. By adding not just any dress, but a floral dress, it hides all the extra fabric underneath from the oversized sweater. Another thing about this look is the knee-high-boots. I personally, think the boots complete the outfit because it helps dress up the look a little more and creates a sexy vibe for the night out.

Who doesn't love pink and florals together?? I think this look is a perfect idea for this years cold, Valentine's Day. This way you are looking fabulous but you are also super comfy!

How do you wear this trend?




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