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Love is in the Air...

If you know me, you know that my favorite holiday other than Christmas is Valentine's Day and I am super excited for this years. I know it's a little early to be talking about Valentine's Day but it's never too early to be thinking about what to wear for this years date night. I love seeing everyone throughout the day express their love for one another whether it's through gifts or actions. Love is such a beautiful thing and to be loved by someone is so special. I am spending my third Valentine's Day with my high school sweet heart and I couldn't be anymore excited to spend another day with him! For me, Valentines day dinner is so much fun because it's another excuse for me to find a cute outfit to wear out. I mean who doesn't love spending money to look nice for a dinner date with your man!? When I saw this top I thought about all the women who go out to eat on Valentine's Day right after work and sometimes don't have time to change, so I thought this top would be perfect for those who might not have time to change. Another reason why I thought this pretty top would be perfect for this year is because of how cold the weather has been lately. It is so hard to find a date night outfit when it is super cold and all you want to do is stay warm, so this look is perfect. For this outfit, I really wanted to keep it simple and sophisticated. I found this adorable top @Windsor and I thought with the ruffle detail on the top makes it look super sexy but sophisticated. Lastly, I paired it with these bell bottom jeans because I really love the boho look and how it goes well with the ruffled top.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Valentine's Day filled with so much love and laughter. Even if you are single because it's about being surrounded with the people you love, binge watching your favorite Netflix show with a bottle of wine and eating all the chocolate that you want!!

What is your plan to do on Valentine's Day this year?




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