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How to get the Most Bang for Your Bucks

Being a college student I don't really have the money to be spending so much on clothing items or accessories. Over the past couple of years I have learned a lot about how to find such a great deal on your wardrobe. My first tip is purchase an outer garment, whether its a moto jacket, cardigan, blazer or even a kimono that can go with different pieces in your wardrobe. This way you can pair any of these items with several different things throughout the season. I love this trick because people think you have a lot of clothes but really you are unlimited to what you can style with pieces. Another tip that I learned is always window shop. The more you window shopping the more of an idea you will get to what you really want/need in your wardrobe. Also, try not to just purchase a load of clothes all at once because chances are it will either, go on sale, or you might not really need it in your wardrobe after all because you purchased too many other cute pieces. What I usually do is I always go on social media or look in magazine to get inspired on what pieces I am really loving and what I really want. I will either flag the photo and keep it for a week or cut out the clothing piece in the magazine to see by the end of the week if I still want it. My last tip is to never purchase something for full price. That was one thing my mom taught me growing up because chances are it will always go on sale. For example, this leather, star jacket I saw @TJMax about a month ago for full price. When I saw it I thought that I had to have it but the truth was I just didn't have the money to just trop $60 on it. Then over the break I was out shopping again at Tj Maxx and I spotted it again but this time it was on the SALE rack!!!!!!!! I looked at the tag this time and it was over half off! I knew that I had to get it because you couldn't beat that price. The moral of that story is to always keep your eye out for the sale rack and always know to not purchase things for full price! Furthermore, purchase clothing pieces that you can wear several times and to several different occasions so this way you don't have to keep buying new pieces every time something comes up.

For this look you could dress it down or even dress it up by just changing the top! For this look I really wanted to dress it up but be casual and cozy. Down below are where I purchased everything.

Sweater- Forever21

Pants- TJ-Maxx

Jacket- TJ-Maxx

Heels- DSW

Glasses- Francesca's

What are your secrets to balling on a budget?? Comment down below!



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