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Hello my fashionista's! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying this weather that we have been having! Here, in North Carolina it has been below 40 degrees at times but the past couple of days it's been in the 60's! It wasn't too exciting because we all knew it was too good to be true for it to be that beautiful in January. The outfit that I decided to post about today for you guys was boho style inspired and I really wanted to bring out some warmer looks for you guys just as an idea of how to transition into the spring.

Off-the-shoulder tops are so in this season and I know they will be for this coming up spring so keep your eye out for them. What I love about this simple black top is the belled sleeves. I love the bell sleeve trend that is going on right now and I am starting to see a lot of bell sleeved tops for this spring too, which is exciting! The detail on this top is amazing because it has a lace ruffled material on the top of the shirt. To keep this look clean and to add the boho style to it I paired it with these groovy pants from @showmeyourmumu I absolutely love these pants because of the style, comfort and how they make me look! If you are looking for a pair of 70's retro pants these are definitely a great choice. I really wanted to accessories this outfit to show how even if you have two pieces of clothing that are basic, you can still make this look appealing to the eye. I know you guys might be tired of seeing this belt in almost all of my posts but I can't get enough of it! It really completes a lot of the outfits that I put together and creates that boho feel that I want.

If you guys now me you know that I love the 70's and when it comes to clothes I love any ruffled top and bell bottoms. I was in love with this whole look because I felt like I came straight out of the 70's period. This outfit works perfect for a day outfit but also for a fun night out! Just make sure you bring a jacket with you since it still is pretty cold out at night. If I were to wear this outfit out at night I would pair a black fur-coat with it to still keep it simple but dramatic.



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