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How to look Fashionable and Stay Cozy this Winter

Wearing fashionable outfits in the winter can be difficult because of how freezing it gets outside. During winter time it's all about the layers and I can't say that enough in the post. The hard part is just trying to look fashionable while trying to stay warm at the same time. How do you do that you ask? Well for starters I personally love to layer up under my oversized sweaters. For instance, wearing a tank top or a thermal long sleeve top under your over sized sweater will help keep you warm. The nice thing is no one is able to see that you are wearing several layers, but you are able to still look fashionable. One way to look fashionable in the winter is wearing skirts. I absolutely love purchasing a new skirt because one, you can pair so many different tops with the skirt and secondly, if you find a skirt that you can wear in every season like this one below it's definitely a win-win situation. This skirt that I am wearing is from @Nordstorm. I love the details that are shown in this skirt and how good of a quality it is. This is definitely a must have for this up coming spring wish list!

What I love to do in the winter is wear skirts and my knee-high boots because there is only a little bit of skin that will be cold. By doing this, I am appearing fashionable to others and I'm not too cold because my boots are helping to keep me warm. If it's too cold I will wear a pair of stockings with the skirt just to add another layer to keep me warm. My last trick is when you wear your knee-high boots layer up underneath them and add another layer to it and wear knee-high socks under the boots.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, wearing layers is key to staying warm this winter. To finalize your outfit, put on your cozy winter coat with your warm gloves and you are set, fashionista! You can never go wrong with a statement coat and cozy gloves. You can easily create your own version of this outfit to stay cute and comfy no matter how the weather acts up. Take advantage of the amount of layers you can create in your next outfit for the winter!

What is your favorite huggable piece of clothing this season? Leave a comment down below!

Xoxo, Vic