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Summer Two-Piece Set

Hats off to summer! What an amazing summer we have had this year; however, it isn't over, so make every moment count!

This boater's hat has me dreaming about future vacations and makes me want to travel more to cute little towns like this one. I love how old-fashioned this hat is and how it goes with almost anything during the summer, fall, and even springtime. It really gives you the 1800's sailor vibes as well as a beachy feel. I picked this cute boater's hat from @Forever21 a few months ago for my beach trip to Florida, and I absolutely love it. For the outfit combo, I was really inspired by the hat to create this beachy but old-fashioned look to go with the hat. I ordered this adorable two-piece set off of Shein that I came across. I was actually very surprised about how well the quality of this set turned out to be. The bottoms are not as thin as I thought they were going to be, so you can' t see what's under them. For the price of the two-piece set, I was very satisfied with how they were made. One of my favorite parts about the top is the bow in the back and how you are able to tie it however you'd like. With the accessories, I wanted to purchase a statement-piece necklace to go with the top. With an outfit like this, you have to be very careful with the amount of accessories you pair with it because you don't want to go overboard since the pattern is so bold already alone. I picked this bright coral tassel/gold-layered necklace from @Target and the color is perfect for any summer outfit. I love how much the necklace tied the outfit together with my color choice!

I absolutely loved biking around Seaside with my hat and cute two-piece outfit. I loved everything about that cute town we stayed in and how much character each street had to offer. Girls know that when you have a cute outfit on for the day, you definitely feel 10x prettier and more put-together. And with this adorable two-piece, I definitely felt that! I hope you guys got some inspo from this summer look-book and can't wait to chat with you guys next time!




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