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2017 Spring Must-Have's

Hello my style lovers! As we are transitioning into spring I cannot say enough how important it is to take care of you hair, skin and to get the must have fashion items for this Spring. As the snow melts and the days get warmer it's time to make sure that your spring wardrobe is on trend. On today's blog post I am going to share with you some of my favorite spring fashion and beauty must haves!

To help make your style more stylish this spring it is a must have for you to pick up some simple olive green wedged heels for this spring to go with all you outfits. This color can go with everything no matter what's in your wardrobe. Whether it's a peachy top paired with your white capri pants for running errands around town or even with your evening sundress for date night. You can pick these wedged heels up @Nordstorm or @SteveMadden.

For the perfect spring sunnies, pick up some Zada Cat Eye Sunglasses to tie together your spring look from @Francesca's. These are perfect because black not only goes with everything but on the side of the frames they have a floral print detail design. They are definitely a must have because they are inexpensive, they go with everything and they look appealing to the eye. I have also found that these bookbags are becoming more of a fashion must have. Everyone is talking about them and wearing them. The great part about this leather, black bookbag is you can fit everything in it and yet it still look stylish! This specific bag is from @Forever21. These over-the-shoulder-everything- holders are so casual and plus they they're storage-savvy so you can carry all your essentials in one bag!

For the beauty must haves this spring I picked out some of my favorite products that I have been loving so far. Starting off with facial cleansers, I have been loving the Facial Peel-Off Mask from @Target. I apply this at least once a week on my face to get all my dead skin off and to moisturize it. It's a great and refreshing product and is definitely a fun product I would use for a girls night. For the Alba Botanica Hawaiian facial cleanser, this is my ultimate favorite facial cleanser of all time. I have been using this product for about two years and I can't get myself to give it up, it just works so great! No matter how much make-up I have on my face this product gets all of the make-up off my face and I feel as good as new! This pore-refining pineapple and skin brightening product washes away everything! I 100% recommend it and I pick mine up @Target. (or for the cheaper rate you can get two on Amazon for the price for about one OR check out Tj Maxx because they are there sometimes) Moving to cosmetics, I just picked my favorite products that I have been loving recently for any occasion. This lip-gloss shade, "Duchess" is perfect for a spring day or a night out. I absolutely love it and I have been wearing it a lot as we transition into spring. You can pick this lip-gloss up @Ulta or @Sephora. A spring cosmetic must have is definitely blush. Blushes make you look more alive and there's nothing on this planet that can make you look more awake from staying up too late the night before and prettier than the addition of some color added on your cheeks. Pick up this Benefit blush box up at your local @Sephora or @Ulta. For hair products I picked something that was a healing oil for my hair since I have long hair and for me, it's super important to keep my long hair healthy with no split ends. When you apply this product to your hair it gives your hair a nice shine with also helping with preventing split-ends. I hope with some of these products you will purchase because they all work terrific! If you need more help or want make-up ideas I put my favorite make-up book in here because it was what I used when I first started with beauty products. It's a great book for starters and the author really helps you understand what each product does for your face.

Be fashionable and stylish this spring season and make those heads turn with your breezy, bright and grounded look. Happy Spring and stay happy!



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