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Boho Chic

I absolutely love this bohemian outfit that I got inspired by on Pinterest recently. This outfit is perfect for the days when the mornings are a little chilly and the afternoons are warmer. Whether it's going out to see a concert with the girls or hitting the town up on a Friday night, with this cute, easy, boho style you will look stylish!

One of my favorite things about wearing dresses with prints is you don't have to try so hard when you wake-up to match two pieces of clothing or look like you had a rough night because the pattern will attract others to look at what you are wearing rather than your face. With this dress no matter what hair color, or skin tone you have it will bring out your best features. This dress is from Forever21. Down below I have the exact image of the dress from online for you guys.

For accessories, I kept it simple with adding this belt from Urban Outfitters that has so much detail. The belt help complete the look by bringing in my dress at the waist to make it more form fitting. I also added a hat and necklace from Topshop to finish that boho look that I was wanting. I absolutely love layering my necklaces with off the shoulder clothing items because it's so chic! For shoes, I paired this look with my favorite American Eagle gladiator sandals. They are on sale right now for $25, so go check them out!! Nothing can beat a good price for a decent pair of cute sandals! This look is perfect because you can dress it up to go out and about but you can also dress it casual to keep it relaxed.

Hope you guys get inspired by this look like I did from others look books. Enjoy!