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How to Style a Corduroy Skirt

I was really drawn to this corduroy skirts shade of blue and was inspired to create a little look book of style ideas to go with it. This shade of blue is perfect for this spring because the top choices we are given during the spring will all go with this skirt since they are either bright or floral. Both of the tops that I paired with the skirt go perfectly because they help make this blue color skirt pop. All of these items you can shop @Forever21. When styling corduroy skirts you either need to tuck in your top inside your skirt or wear a crop top to be able to make it work. My first top makes this skirt pop with my color choice of the top. I was going for more of a boho look since my bag also inspired me for this look. I love this top because it is thin and breathable for those hot spring days. For my second look, I was looking for a floral top since it's spring and like Miranda Priestly says from The Devil Wears Prada, "Floral? Spring? groundbreaking." so I had to do what everyone does and incorporate that floral pattern in one of my looks haha. This was also a good choice for spring because it's a crop top, off the shoulder and very breathable! Not only does this skirt scream spring, but it also compliments every type of body shape, which I love.

I hope you guys got some inspiration and I hope you all are having a great week!! Xoxo



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