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Denim DIY

I loved this DIY because it was so easy! All you will need is a tape measure, fabric scissors, tape (or something you can mark on your jeans that will come off) and that's it!

First step: make sure you try on your jeans to see where you will need to mark them.

Second step: You will need to cut the extra fabric off your jeans right above your ankle so take either tape, fabric chalk or anything that will come off when you put it in the washer and mark the spot right above your ankle.

Third step: Now take your tape measure and measure three inches above where you just cut and mark it again

Fourth: now make vertical lines from the bottom of the jean to the top of where you just marked it.

Final step: Finally, all you have to do it is throw them in the washer and dryer. I recommend you put them by themselves so that the blue jean fabric doesn't get on any of your other jeans.

{So after they should look a little something like this! If you look in the stores you will see this jeans style for $50 and up but for me I did this simple DIY for under $15! Just go to your local second hand store, grab a pair of jeans that fit like a glove and style them up!}



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