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Swimsuit Must Haves

Happy Monday fashionista's! I thought this blog post would be fun and appropriate to make for you guys since it's summer and a lot of you have been asking where I get my swimsuits from. There are a couple of places that I specifically shop for swimsuits: Target, Nordstrom Rack, PacSun and Forever21. I am obsessed with the swimsuit styles for this summer and how cute brands are making their one-pieces. I never thought I would be wearing a one-piece bathing suit but they make them so cute it's hard to say no to them! I know there are websites like Shein, that sell really cute bathing suits but I personally don't like them because the bathing suits are so cheaply made it's ridiculous. Another problem with them is if you are a small in a bathing suit top and a medium in the bottoms you can't pick two different sizes because it comes in a set. Next, I try to go online a lot of the times to see what places are having sales for swimsuits. For example, Target is having a BOGO half off sale right now so usually that's when I will stock up. This summer I have seen a lot of the rainbow pattern on swimsuits and I love it. You can never be sad when you are all colorful ;)

I know I have said this a bunch of times on my fashion account, but I can't stay away from the polka-dot print. It is one of the prints that I have a huge obsession with and it looks good with any season. So, for that reason I had to get a bathing suit with that print of course. This polka-dot bathing suit will definitely be one of my repeat bathing suits for this summer because it really stands out and is so comfortable. I hope with this post you can get inspired with what bathing suits are in for the summer!

Do you guys prefer kini's or bikini's?? Please don't forget to leave comments down below, I would love to hear from ya:) As always, thanks for reading my weekly blog posts and I hope you guys are having an amazing summer! - - - -




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